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Course Requirements for Doctorate Program

Course Requirements for Doctorate Program, College of Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung University
Academic Year 2018
Minimum years of study Four years
Credit requirement 24 credits
Prerequisite and elective courses requirements for  the eligibility of graduation 1. Doctorate program students are required to complete 24 credits, including 9 credits of prerequisites and 15 credits of elective courses. The optional courses should include one of two research method courses (3 credits), one of two Hakka studies courses (3 credits), and other elective courses (9 credits).
2. Courses offered outside of this class may be included as credits for elective courses but must not exceed nine credits in total. A written application should be filed in advance to obtain the consent of the instructor (advisor) and the class teacher before courses are allowed to be taken up.
3. The transfer of credits of courses taken during the period of overseas exchange is subject to relevant regulations.
Note The thesis-writing course is prerequisite but no credit will be conferred.