Student Fang-Yu Chang from our school attained the first gold medal in the history of National Chiao Tung University for the 200m swimming contest at The National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

  • 2015-05-06


Chien-Chuan ChanApple DailyThere were 5 people who attained successive victories for the 6 contests of men’s and women’s open individual finals swimming contest at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games yesterday. In the women’s open 200m freestyle swimming group, Fang-Yu Chang of National Chiao Tung University unexpectedly attained the first gold medal in the history of the university for the swimming open category of The National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. Fang-Yu Chang is currently a first-year student, who surprisingly beaten national contestants such as Hsin-Yi Sung with the gold medal. She stated shyly with a shivering voice, “Senior-sister Hsin-Yi is an idol to me, they are merely not in their best conditions, and therefore I didn’t really win.” Fang-Yu Chang’s body has been in poor condition since she was little. She even has asthma and skin allergies. She stated, “I could only have one slice of watermelon when I was little, as the second slice would incite asthma. My dad and the coach threw me into the water when I was in kindergarten in order to improve my body condition. My asthma was gone when I was in grade 1, and the skin allergies also got better.” I joined the Shi Yuan Senior High School swimming team during high school, and I won the gold medal for the 400m freestyle swimming at the National High School Athletic Games. She has chosen to study at the Department of Communication & Technology, College of Hakka Studies at National Chiao Tung University. She stated, “I like mass communication such as movies and media, and I hope to do well in both my school work and swimming. However, it is not easy to cater to both, and I could not join any student societies. Nevertheless, swimming has healed my body, and I hope to carry on with it.”